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Quill Gordan Wet Fly

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Quill gordon Wet Fly,Dryflyonline.com,Wholesale Trout Flies,Discount Trout Flies

This Quill Gordon pattern is an essential early season pattern, representing larger mayflies. This Quill Gordon pattern is originally credited to Theodore Gordon, who was a founding father of American Dry Fly fishing and perhaps the greatest fly fisherman in American history. The Quill Gordon or Epeorus pleuralis hatch, is considered the most important early season hatch in the East and Mid-West.

The hatch will typically occur between noon and dusk, depending on temperature. An interesting fact about this mayfly, is that it breaks free from its shucks sub surface and actually emerges through the water’s film as an adult. This type of behavior can be imitated sub surface by the wet fly version of this pattern, fished mid water table with small twitches to bring it through the water table. Due to colder water temperatures, the trout may be less active and rise less, so make sure you have the ability to fish the wet version of this fly also. Fish this fly in moderate to faster waters. 

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