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On The Fly

The Perfection Knot

November 14, 2017 Paul Griffiths

How to tie the perfection know another good one for the Fly Fishing Angler  https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x5kx5ap?   https://dai.ly/x5kx5ap  

Snook Conservation Part 1 - Sarasota

November 12, 2017 Paul Griffiths

A nice little video on the conservation efforts of Mote Marine and partners on Snook conservation in West Central Florida located in Sarasota Bay, very cool, stuff

Non Slip Loop Knot

November 08, 2017 Paul Griffiths

This is a great fly knot, allowing movement and more action on your fly.  https://youtu.be/1MGTgvAvm64

Joe Humphreys Essential Tips on Nymph Fishing

August 30, 2017 Paul Griffiths

Great video from Joe Humphreys on Nymph Fishing Techniques, all credit given to the author and not Dryflyonline.com   https://youtu.be/3dhKgm4dztg

The Basics of Nymph Fishing

August 08, 2017 Paul Griffiths

This is a great educational and information series on the basics of nymph fishing - really excellent stuff. All credit to the author.  https://youtu.be/68VKGL6cIDo