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Lead Wing Coachman - Wet

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This Lead Wing Coachman Wet Fly pattern imitates a broad range of caddis and mayfly species. It is considered a classic wet fly pattern. It has been around for over 180 years and fished all over the world. It is a general attractor pattern and can be fished all year round.

This Lead Wing Coachman Wet Fly pattern can imitate mayflies that have failed to emerge through the surface of the stream, or have drowned while their wings were drying. In completing its deception, this pattern also imitates the spent mayfly at the end of its life cycle. To best fish this fly, as with most wet fly patterns, cast this fly across stream, or in fractions downstream letting the fly swing with the current as close to as many of the prime lies as possible.

This Lead Wing Coachman Wet Fly pattern can be fished a number of ways. As an attractor or prospector fly it is very versatile. Fish this fly as a dropper under a buoyant dry or Terrestrial and you will see action.

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