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Cricket - Black

Cricket - Black

This Cricket - Black pattern is an all summer pattern.   This Cricket - Black pattern imitates a darker cricket that has been blown into or falls into the water from vegetation and struggles in the film to escape.

Large trout will relish this opportunity to feed on an easy large meal. Fish where there is a lot of vegetation on the banks and this pattern can be fished in quicker or slower waters. When fishing in slower waters twitching the line to give the struggling bug action, in faster water long extended natural current drifts are essential.

Fish this pattern on the top water with a slow retrieve with action. With their size, explosive strikes will occur and large trout will be looking for this tasty morsel.

All flies are tied with American sourced materials including Hareline Dubbin Materials and Whiting Farm's Hackles & Capes and are tied on premium hooks.

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