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Charlie Boy Hopper

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Charlie Boy Hopper Terrestrial Trout Fly

This Charlie Boy Hopper pattern imitates a broad range of natural hopper baits. This pattern can be fished all over the United States and wherever grasshoppers range. This pattern can be fished all summer. This Charlie Boy Hopper was developed by Charles Craven of in Western Colorado in and around the Tarryall Creek.

This Charlie Boy Hopper pattern has high visibility, floats superbly and has a high durability as it becomes less waterlogged due to its foam body and as a result can be fished longer. The Charlie Boy Hopper can also be used an indicator fly with a dropper. Fish this pattern on the top water with a slow retrieve with action. With their size, explosive strikes will occur and large trout will be looking for this tasty morsel.

All flies are tied with American sourced materials including Hareline Dubbin Materials and Whiting Farm's Hackles & Capes and are tied on premium hooks.

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