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On The Fly

Back to Basics

January 20, 2017 Paul Griffiths

We are all able to learn, and sometimes going back to basics is the best way.  Enjoy this great casting instructional video. Have a safe week on the water.    https://youtu.be/TAyj9KF_MQE  

Craig Mathews Dry Fly Presentation

January 05, 2017 David Carr

Another great video on dry fly fishing presentation, review and fly selection. Simple is best https://youtu.be/uugK544StyU All credit given to author and not dryflyonline.com

Joe Humphreys Fly Fishing Legend

January 02, 2017 David Carr

This is a terrific lesson on some techniques and great instruction into the life and achievements of Joe Humphreys. https://youtu.be/3dhKgm4dztg All credit given to publisher and editor and not Dryflyonline.com

Lucky Break!!!

November 12, 2016 David Carr

Albie Back from Quentin Jones on Vimeo.

Good Stuff!!!

November 12, 2016 David Carr

WHAM? (A Trout Guy's Bone) from OutsmartingFish on Vimeo.