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On The Fly

The Complete Angler

April 08, 2017 Paul Griffiths

The Complete Angler This one is a longer clip, with a great insight to the origins of the a famous book written by Walton on "The Complete Angler" the third most frequently re-printed book in the English Language https://youtu.be/1r2nRfnpWxw

Lefty at Icast 2016

March 13, 2017 Paul Griffiths

A few words of wisdom form Lefty at ICAST 2016.......definitely listening to this one. http://www.worldfishingnetwork.com/stories/post/fly-fishing-legend-interview-with-the-great-lefty-kreh All credit given to author and not dryflyonline.com

Something from the Master "Lefty"

March 04, 2017 Paul Griffiths

A great lesson from Lefty we can all use a little instruction from time to time https://youtu.be/Xak_usK0i6E All credit given to Lefty Kreh and not dryflyonline.com

Still Water Fly Fishing

February 23, 2017 Paul Griffiths

This one is a good one for a little instruction on the Art of Still Water Fly Fishing, taking me back to my routes on this one fishing on the ponds in England. https://youtu.be/SOg-rrJ12nc Enjoy

Simple Wet Fly Fishing with Yvon Chouinard

January 24, 2017 Paul Griffiths

Wet Fly Fishing with Yvon Chouinard, great video sit back and enjoy it really good instruction on this one. Simple Wet Fly Fishing with Yvon Chouinard https://youtu.be/SnkSjgQZ7Rc Credit given to author and not dryflyonline.com