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On The Fly

Joe Humphreys Essential Tips on Nymph Fishing

August 30, 2017 Paul Griffiths

Great video from Joe Humphreys on Nymph Fishing Techniques, all credit given to the author and not Dryflyonline.com   https://youtu.be/3dhKgm4dztg

The Basics of Nymph Fishing

August 08, 2017 Paul Griffiths

This is a great educational and information series on the basics of nymph fishing - really excellent stuff. All credit to the author.  https://youtu.be/68VKGL6cIDo  

Great Tutorial on Finding Fish

August 07, 2017 Paul Griffiths

This is very interesting refresher on "reading the water" with Tom Rosenbauer. All credit given to the author. https://youtu.be/o9hg0DoSdt0  

The Hatchery

May 10, 2017 Paul Griffiths

This was a great short documentary about a hatchery in Canada and restoration project for local fish stock, which is very interesting. https://youtu.be/8x810mszCfU All credit given to author and not Dyflyonline.com


April 18, 2017 Paul Griffiths

I thought this was incredibly interesting and a couple of simple knots to solve all those lost fish! https://youtu.be/myMSMYy_iYU