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Stimulator Yellow Rubber Legs

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This Rubber Legs Stimulator – Yellow pattern is an all season pattern depending on what is hatching in your location. This Stimulator – Yellow pattern can imitate Skwala stoneflies, Salmon Flies, caddis and even hoppers.

Credit is given to Randall Kaufmann as the originator of this incredibly effective pattern. The color variations are a must as this pattern covers so many species, the color variances will make a difference on the day. This fly can be fished in a variety of waters and speeds.   Fish downstream, or cast towards the banks with a small twitch and retrieve, the fly is so buoyant and versatile it will be effective in multiple presentations. This fly can be fished thought the daylight hours and at dusk is deadly.

When fishing any dry fly pattern, matching the color and the size to the hatch are critical.   Often overlooked is the casting of shadow from your leader, which may lead to spooked fish.   We suggest selecting a high float leader. Additional waterproofing can be given to your fly delaying it becoming waterlogged, by applying a flotant product such as Gink ®.

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