Peacock Caddis dry fly trout pattern, peacock herl for a natural flash –

Peacock Caddis

Peacock Caddis

This Peacock Caddis general pattern was a variation originally tied by Al Troth in 1957 for use on Loyalsock Creek in Pennsylvania and is an all season pattern. This particular pattern is tied to imitate the "Caddis". The term Caddis represents an order of insects that have over 12,000 members which also includes sedge flies or rail flies. Closely related to the moth family, you will find this pattern can be fished nationwide around all bodies of water and is very effective when fished at dusk and late afternoon, but depending on the stream can be fished the entire day. This is a must have pattern in your fly box.

When fishing this fly on faster, choppier water, the extra buoyancy and structure of the fly allow it to be fished in longer rougher runs. When fished in slower runs give the fly a little action so as to imitate the adult caddis as it struggles in the surface tension, or “skating“ across the surface as they do to get to the bank. This pattern is buoyant enough to be fished with a dropper attached, be careful to set your depth to the run.

When fishing any dry fly pattern, matching the color and the size to the hatch are critical.   Often overlooked is the casting of shadow from your leader, which may lead to spooked fish.   We suggest selecting a high float leader. Additional waterproofing can be given to your fly delaying it becoming waterlogged, by applying a flotant product such as Gink ®.

All flies are tied with American sourced materials including Hareline Dubbin Materials and Whiting Farm's Hackles & Capes and are tied on premium hooks.

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