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Prince Nymph

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Prince Nymph

This Prince Nymph pattern a pattern that can be fished all season and in all bodies of water. The Prince Nymph originated in the 1930’s and was credited to Doug Prince. Originally tied or known as a Brown Forked Tail Nymph and is has morphed slightly over the years and is now more commonly accepted as the Prince Nymph.

This Prince Nymph is a general attractor pattern and comes with, or without, a bead. This is a general attractor or searching pattern. As to what this nymph was intended to imitate is debated, but when you are trying to match the hatch or there is no activity on the surface, this Prince Nymph pattern will produce action.  

In streams or rivers, this pattern can be presented in a number of ways the most successful being a cast up stream like a dry fly and then allowing it to dead drift drag free, keep in contact with your line. Alternatively, allow the nymph to sink slowly to the bottom just above the vegetation it often seeks and slowly raise the line on the drift, through the water table to attract attention. A slight variation on this is to actually tighten up the line or pull the line as your nymph approaches the lie of a fish you are sight fishing, and this will imitate the natural movement of the nymph through the water table.

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