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Live Damsel Olive

Damsel Fly Nymph

This Live Damsel - Olive pattern is an all season pattern. This Live Damsel Olive pattern imitates the Damsel Fly nymph. Damsel flies belong to the order Odonata, and they in the suborder Zygoptera. They are typically found in slower water and lakes and spring feed streams. Damsel Fly nymphs are present in the water at various sizes throughout the life cycle culminating in their emergence and completion of the life cycle in the late spring and summer. As such, this pattern can be fished all year in various ways. The nymphs live from one to two years before emerging. They are strong, free swimmers and swim with what can be best described as a violent action. They will swim in bursts, swimming vigorously and then drifting back down the water table while taking a rest. This in turn attracts the attention of the hungry trout.    

When fishing this pattern fish in lakes in the early part of the year when the water is cold, fish this pattern deep in the water table with a slow figure of eight retrieve. In summer as the nymphs become more active and aggressively feed, fish this pattern along the weed beds, not over them to avoid snags. Fish it with a long slow retrieve, again, with intermittent resting periods. Another pattern that can be used to imitate this stage of the Nymph’s Life Cycle is the Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph.

When the Damsel Fly Nymph is ready to emerge it will be found congregating around weed beds and structures that are partially submerged. The nymphs will crawl onto partially submerged structures or rocks, shed their shucks and fly off to mate. They can live for extended periods after emergence up to 90 days and will feed on mosquitoes and other insects.   An interesting fact some female Damsel Flies is that the female will crawl back under the water holding her breath, bore a hole in plant stem and lay her eggs.

All flies are tied with American sourced materials including Hareline Dubbin Materials and Whiting Farm's Hackles & Capes and are tied on premium hooks.

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