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Blue Winged Olive Emerger

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This Emerger pattern is credited to John Barr. He created this pattern in 1975, after fishing and having no success with his selective dry patterns. He switched to a nymph and caught almost immediately.

Barr examined his catch and made the observation that some of the incomplete hatched nymphs with the shucks still attached were in the back of the trout’s mouth. He developed this very effective pattern after noting the appearance of these incomplete or partially emerged duns. This pattern can be fished when there is little hatch action, but you see surface activity. This pattern imitates emerging mayflies.

Fish this pattern deep as a nymph bring it through the water column. If you are fishing calm water or a pool at the end of the run, fish this pattern just below the surface. You can fish this pattern all year long. Another benefit to fishing this pattern is that even after the trout have had a good go at this fly, they do not seem to shy away from it even if the integrity of the fly has been challenged, by many bites or hits. Another use for this pattern is as a dropper as a part of a team. Check your depth on your drift.

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