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The Value of Simplicity

December 13, 2013 David Carr

John Gierach:The Value of Simplicity

North America is dotted with secluded little streams teeming with trout. You need only a small selection of patterns to enjoy these overlooked fly-fishing gems.
by John Gierach

 I still have the first fly box I got specifically for my small-stream flies. It’s a 3 1/2-by-4 7/8-inch aluminum Wheatley with ripple foam inserts. I’ve carried it in my right hip pocket for close to 25 seasons and I occasionally sit on it, so in addition to a few scratches from being dropped on rocks, it now bears a distinct butt mark like a well-worn leather wallet. Otherwise, it’s in surprisingly good shape, but then, the only way I know of to break a good fly box is to back over it in a car. Read More


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